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Looking after

If a light bulb burns out, it must be replaced as soon as possible, so that the other light bulbs do not get an extra load and the whole chain doesn’t get damaged. When all spare bulbs are used, you can buy new ones from us both in the store and online

Before purchasing / going to the store, make sure that the bulbs have 1 or 2 plug stands and what is the length of the cable (is it for 20/35/50 balls). Each cable length has different bulbs for it.

If none of the bulbs are working, try to move light the bulbs. There is a chance some of them are not properly embedded. If that does not work, it's likely that the cable has burnt out. If it is burned out, after removing the balls from the light bulbs, you’ll see that the bulbs are coated in a grayish color. In this case, you need to change the entire cable. You can order it online and buy it in our store.

If you are not sure that the string light has really burnt out, you can bring it to our store or send us an e-mail with photos and description to, we’ll check it out! When you go to the store, you can buy new cable with a 30% discount if you have a receipt or an invoice with you! We’ll also give you a discount for buying new cable online, if you send us receipt/ invoice of the string light purchase.

If the lights are flashing, a light bulb may have shifted. Try to move and push each bulb deeper. If the string also continues to blink, bring it to us at the store, with a check, or write to us at, indicating the invoice number of the order made!