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private.png Private and corporate customers: (+371) 29409846
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We will look forward to receiving your feedback, answer questions, listen to the wishes or suggestions!


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We and our colourful Cherry Picking string lights are willing to cooperate and we are open to different kinds of execution of orders. The best way to describe us is – developers of unrealizable projects and ideas. If you have something crazy or not that crazy on your mind, you are very welcome to contact us via email –




Individual orders

For the time being we have gained experience in different kinds of events and celebrations – we make presents, visual design for celebrations and/or just a beautiful every day life. Between our clients there are also biggest banks of Latvia, enterprises of telecommunication and transport services, hotels, bars, concert halls etc.




Support and competition 

Cherry Picking supports charity and socially disadvantaged groups of welfare promotion projects. We are looking forward to cooperate in new, interesting and mutually beneficial cooperations. 





We have built a successful cooperation with different venues. If you think that your shop suits to our politics and philosopfhy and you want to cooperate, please contact us via email




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Ltd. Sajūtu mednieces

Reg. Nr. 40103389326

Avotu street 3, Peltes, Siguldas nov. LV - 2150

AS Swedbank

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