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What is your working time/ address/ do you work on holidays/weekends?

You can find all the information needed in the section “Contacts”.

What are the prices for string lights?

10 ball string light – 16 euros

20 ball string light – 23 euros

35 ball string light – 33 euros

50 ball string light – 43 euros

100 ball string light – 103 euros

The length of string light, technical information?

How can I order the string light on the Internet?

You have to choose your string ball combination, then go to the basket to make the payment, unless you want to add anything to it. After you have made an order, in approximately 1 to 5 days time our employee will contact you and make arrangements about the further purchase.

How long does it take you to make the order?

Normally we make all orders in one day, depending on season (all December) when it takes about 5 days, because we make all purchases in order and we are trying our best to make all orders as fast as we can. If there is a possibbility to come to our shop, we can make string light in about 10 – 25 minutes, it depends on how many people are there in the shop at the exact moment waiting to have their order done. You will have to choose the length of string light and colour, the rest will be done by us.

Can I pay on the Internet, but receive my order in your shop?

Yes, when you make your order, you will pay for it via your bank account and you will have to come to our shop to receive it.

How many colours are there to choose from? Are all of them   available on the Internet and in the shop?

There are in overall 55 tones of colours, but in our shop there are a bit more than on our website. The colour can differ a bit from the one you see on your computer, because not every computer shows the exact same tone of colours.

Are there already made string lights in your shop?

There are already made string lights in the shop from which you can choose, if you like the combination or you can choose your own colours and we will make the string light specially for you.

Do you send string lights to home, offices, foreign countries etc.?

Yes, you can fill all the inforamtion needed for sending the package when you are making an order on our website. The costs for sending are shown on our website in the Shipping section.

Is it possibble to pay by card at your shop?

Yes, it is possibble.

Is there a possibbility to buy gift voucher at your shop?

Yes, there is. The prices are the same as string light options only 16, 23, 33 and 43 euros.

Is there a possibbility to pack the string lithg as a gift?

Yes, we offer round (like cake box) and square boxes. We can also put a ribbon around it.

Box for 10 ball string light costs 3 euros, for 20 and 35 ball string light it is 4,50 euros, for 50 ball string light it is 6,00 euros. Ribbon – 0,70 euros.

The string light burnt out, what should I do?

You can take out the bulb by pushing a bit the ball where there is a little cut and change it. Every string light has 2 extra bulbs with it. You have to check whether a bulb hasn’t burnt out by checking every ball and taking it off, trying to move it a bit, if not, then you should check if the bulbs are black, if yes, that means that the whole string light is broken and you have to buy a new one, but only the wire. We have all lengths in our shop and our employees will help you to find a solution. Be sure to take the old bulb with you, so that we can make sure to give you the right ones instead. Also remember the length of your string light, how many balls it has. The price for one bulb is 0,03 euros.

Is there a possibbility to buy Big Lamps?

Yes, there are various range of colours from which you can choose, but it would be better if you came to our shop and made the order. Size/Price: 51cm – 50 euros, 36cm – 36 euros, 25 cm – 30 euros. Time for making your order is approximately 1 to 2 weeks, except on December when it can be 1 month.

Is there an option to rent the string ligths?

Yes, we rent 100 ball string lights. Length – 13,8 m. Price for one whole day and night – 23 euros + VAT. For more information, please, write us

The balls of my string light got dirty, can I wash them in washing machine? J


No, because balls are made from cotton thread and glue, they will be ruined, if you wash them. We advise to clean them with a dust broom or just with a dry paper tissue.

Is there a possibbility to get a string light that blinks?


No, we offer only regular string lights.

When I bought the string light at your shop, everything was ok, but when I went home, it didn’t work. What is the problem?

Did you try to turn on the swith of a string light? It can be possibble that a bulb has moved and you have to check all of them, maybe there isn’t a connection because of that. But you can always bring it to our shop and we will fix it

I don’t like my string light, it was given to me as a present, but I don’t like the colours, can I take it back and changed the balls?

Unfortunatelly, we don’t change balls, because once we have put on a ball, we count it as a used one and cannot sell it further, but you can buy extra balls in what colour you like for 1 euro each.

Do you decorate events, festivals and other celebrations?

Yes, we decorate corporative events and weddings. You can take a look at our facebook page to get some visual idea of style in which we work. For more information contact us 29989373 or 29409846, or