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Dr. Vranjes, ARANCIO&UVA ROSSA Gift box


Italian fruits and flowers - Fragrances which evoke special moments of Italy, its perfumes, and colours.

The right blend for those who are looking for a warm and enchanting essence, with sweetness of barely squeezed grapes and a pungent note of citrus. An exquisite nose will truly appreciate it. Sour head notes of peels of wild bitter orange and enchanting notes of red grapes, supplemented with shades of rose, magnolia and violet; essence of rose and birch with a touch of cinnamon are joined to form the base of the perfume.

This stunning gift box includes an Arancio&Uva Rossa 250ml diffuser with sticks plus a 150ml refill.

Activity and area:
Energizing, it purifies the air, helps to improve concentration and reduces feelings of anxiety. Suitable for dining room, kitchen and children's room.
Capacity (ml):
250 + 150
Dr. Vranjes, Florence