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Dr. Vranjes, BELLINI 25ml spray


The sweet notes of Bellini are inspired by the fresh and fruity aromas of one of the most beloved cocktails, created on the Venetian lagoon, before reaching its summit in the stylish New York.

The Bellini, invented by Giuseppe Cipriani in one of the most famous and luxurious hotels in Venice, takes its inspiration from the warm pink color used on the masterpieces of the great Venetian artist. Its breath starts with the fresh union of the vivid essence of apple and the sugar notes of grapes, then enveloped by the sweet taste of peach. The precious note of bergamot is then blurred by bitter orange, which is also surprised by the glee of mandarin. The soft notes of apricot arise with vivacity, completed by the original flower touch of a jasmine and lily of the valley bouquet, enhanced by the fresh and fruity perfume of the refined litsea cubeba.

The intense and inebriating scent of Bellini ends with the interesting blend between the sensuality of amber, the warm breath of cedar wood and the green strength of vetiver, able to fix the fragrance without blurring its soul, leaving the sweet whisper of Bellini arise, with a final sparkling touch of ginger.

Activity and area:
Bellini is a wonderful energiser: it purifies the air, improves concentration and eases feelings of anxiety. Perfect for work and study areas and dining rooms.
Capacity (ml):
Dr. Vranjes, Florence